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Multiple Sclerosis Care in Arcadia, CA

Multiple Sclerosis is an autoimmune disease, a class of disorders in which the body’s immune system attacks itself. This type of illness leaves seniors and adults vulnerable to secondary sicknesses, such as flus, colds and other common bugs. Multiple Sclerosis happens when the myelin sheath that protects nerves is attacked. After the nerves have deteriorated, effects such as muscle spasms, loss of mobility and incontinence may follow.

Early symptoms of MS can result in treatment, which increases life expectancy. A-1 Home Cares encourages Arcadia adults, seniors and elderly to watch for early MS symptoms. These include: Blurred/ double vision, cognition slowness, clumsiness/ loss of coordination, loss of balance, numbness and tingling.

Reliable and Responsible Caregivers

A-1 Home Care provides the highest quality affordable senior care in Southern California. Our Hollywood Multiple Sclerosis Caregivers provide skillful coping mechanisms and soothing live-in or hourly care for elders with MS. We are an A+ rated homecare agency with the BBB. We provide free in home consultations and affordable caregiving services.

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Respite Care in Baldwin Park

If you need a day or two to recharge from caring for a relative or your need to leave town for a few days, A-1 Domestic Professional Services, A-1 Home Care, & A-1 Caregivers can provide Respite Care on a regular or on-call basis.

Posted Juyly 1st, 2014
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